AMS Trouble Shooting Procedure

Warning!: Electrical Shock Hazard. May cause serious injury or death.Do not attempt if you are not a qualified technician or electrician. Use insulating gloves and other protective clothing and precautions when removing the control box faceplate to test electrical connections.

Please go through the following procedure to identify the problem.

The - indicates a malfunction.

The * indicates the diagnostic procedure in order of the probable cause.

1) SetAuto / Off / Testselector switch in OFF position.

2) Set Mist ON time adjustment to minimum setting (5 seconds).

3) Digital Clock: Set (I Auto 0 ) switch to Auto position. Set (O Run P) switch to Run position.

Analog Clock: Set all trippers except one to inner position. Set ( 0 Clock I) switch (if equipped) to Clockposition.

4) Connect the float lead (if equipped) to the float switch.

5) Connect the motor lead to the motor.

6) Plug in the power cord to a 120vac receptacle.

- If Motor turns on and runs continuously.

* 1. check motor relay.

7) Move the float switch up and down to turn on and off the System Empty Light.

- If Light does not turn on.

* 1. check light bulb 2. check float switch connection and float switch

3. check 24v at transformer. 4. check 120v at transformer.

8) Position float switch so System Empty light is off.

9) Set selector switch to ON (in some units Manual or Test) position, the motor should turn on.

- If the Motor does not turn on.

* 1. check float connection and float switch, 2. check motor relay 3. check motor lead connection

10) Set selector switch to AUTO position. Motor should turn off.

- If Motor stays on for 3-5 seconds

* Digital clock: check wiring connections s/b 3&5, check output on indication.

* Analog clock: Check wiring connections s/b 3&4, check tripper position.

11a) Digital Clock: Set (I AUTO O) switch to I position, motor should turn on for 3-5 seconds.

- If Motor does not turn on.

* 1. check wiring connections s/b 3&5. 2. check output on indication, and program 3. check output signal. 4.check single shot timer

11b) AnalogClock: Turn clock face until tripper passes trip point arrow. The motor should turn on for 3-5 seconds.

- If Motor does not turn on.

* 1. check wiring connections s/b 3&4. 2. check output signal. 4. check single shot timer

-If Motor turns on and continues to run for over 3 minutes.

* 1. check wiring connections between Potentiometer and Blue timer.

12) Push remote control transmitter center button, motor should turn on for 3-5 seconds.

- If Motor does not turn on.

* 1. check transmitter signal strength and code. 2. check receiver code. 3 check receiver output signal.


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