Mini Mister Plus 20


Installation instructions


1) Unpacking

Remove the Black poly drum and its contents from the cardboard box. The Control box and pump are mounted to the lid of the drum and recessed in the drum for shipping. Remove the lid with the control box and pump by lifting one edge and tilting it slightly when removing it. Remove any accessories that may have been ordered separately and shipped with the Mini Mister Plus 20. Set the lid back on the drum so the intake tube with filter and float ball and line are inside the drum and don't interfere with each other. Attach the metal clamp ring. 


2) Site selection

The Mini Mister Plus 20 should be located in a covered area (garage, barn, or shed) to protect it from the elements. If that is not possible, an optional Protective cover (Cover-black) is available. Place the unit on a hard, level surface in close proximity to a GFCI protected 115Vac outlet. Install a garden hose close by to fill the drum with water. 


3) Nozzle installation. (Nozzles, fittings, Cable clamps, and tubing sold separately)

Mount Nozzles to soffit or other wood structures by using one 7/16" cable clamp (CC-7/16-BK or CC-7/16-WE) on each side of the T fitting (MB202, MB230, MB211, MB213, PB230, or PB211) with wood screws. Position the Nozzles to spray away from the structure.  Mount Nozzles to metal fencing using one cable tie on each side of the T fitting.  Nozzles should be spaced 8-10' apart. Connect the nozzles together using 1/4" Nylon tubing by cutting to length and inserting them into either end of the T fittings. Use a 1/4" cable clamps (CC-1/4-BK, CC-1/4-BK-S, CC-1/4-WE or CC-1/4WE-S) to secure the tubing every 2-3'.  Use a plug (Plug-BK) on the end of the last tee.

Hint for Home owners: For a professional looking installation, select a color of tubing that most closely matches the color of the material you're mounting to. Attach one nozzle fitting with Cable clamps or ties, then insert the tubing, measure and cut the tubing to length, insert the other end of the tubing into the next fitting.  Pull the fitting taught and attach it the mounting surface. This prevents slack in the tubing making it a more professional looking installation.


4) Priming the pump and flushing the nozzles.

Fill the drum one half full with water; do not add misting concentrate yet. Connect the tubing to the output of the pump. Remove the plug from the last nozzle fitting. Put the selector switch in the test position. The pump will run continuously. Once you see a stream of water coming out the unplugged last nozzle, allow it to flush out the tubing for 30 seconds. Then turn of the pump off by putting the selector switch into the off position.


5) Testing under pressure

Plug the last nozzle fitting and put the selector switch in the test position. The pump will run continuously. Walk the installation, look for leaks and spray pattern making adjustments as needed. Turn off the pump when completed.


6) Setting the Program Clock

Turn the Minute hand clockwise until the time of day (AM or PM) on the outer dial is aligned with the triangle marker of the inner dial.  Programming misting times by pushing a white captive tripper outward at each time misting is desired. (In Residential applications for mosquito control, the most common Mist times are dawn, dusk and 1 hour after dusk, when mosquitoes are most active.)  The Misting time can be set between 5-180 seconds by adjusting the Mist On Time knob.


7) Adding Misting concentrate (Misting Concentrate sold seperatly)

Most misting concentrates are diluted 1/2 gallon (64 oz) to 55 gallons water, or 1.16 oz per gallon. The Mini Mister Plus 20 has a 20 gallon tank; 20 gal x 1.16 oz/gal = 23.27 oz rounded up to 24 oz.  One cup is 8 oz, therefore 3 cups concentrate makes 20 gallons misting solution.  With the drum 1/2 full of water, use a measuring cup and add the Misting concentrate. Then fill the drum up to 2" from the top with water.  Secure the clamp ring. Set the selector switch to Auto and your Mini Mister Plus 20 is now ready to automatically and methodically reduce your pest population each time it sprays to establish and maintain a pest free environment. 



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