Spider Control Around Boat Docks

Of all the creepy-crawlies that may come aboard your boat, spiders are often among the least welcome. Spiders are especially common during summertime when the warm weather brings with it an abundance of food - namely, other bugs. Whether you're an arachnophobe or not, large numbers of spiders can seriously mess up your boat. This is because, besides leaving webs everywhere, spiders also poop a lot. Their grayish, brown or black droppings look like tiny dots and can cover the entire exterior deck and if they find a way in they'll mess up the interior as well. If wiped up immediately, spider poop is no problem. However, if left for even a short time, these tiny droppings will harden like concrete to form a crust that's almost impossible to lift. Even if you do manage to chip away at the mess, spider poop can leave stains that permanently damage the aesthetics of your boat.

Spider Spray for Boats
One of the most effective ways to cut the number of spiders on your boat dock is to apply an effective spider spray. The best of these are designed to take down both spiders and other types of insects, as this also eliminates their food source and reduces the likelihood of them coming aboard.

But what sort of spray should you use? 
It may be tempting to reach for the insecticides, but these are not recommended for use on boat docks because they are toxic to fish. Instead, use a misting concentrate that's formulated to be completely safe because its detergent based. They effectively kill spiders, flies, mosquitoes, wasps and other insect pests by breaking down their exoskeleton without harming the environment. Two brands we carry that fit this description are  Pyranha Zero-Bite and Naprovit 

Automatic Misting Systems
The most effective way to control spider populations on a boat dock is an Automatic misting system. It periodically delivers the detergent based solution to nozzles mounted in the dock rafters which produce a fine mist to regularly treat the entire dock structure and the boat below.  There are
 a variety of system options to fit your needs. The most popular for boat docks because of its small footprint is our 20 gallon / 20 nozzle (max) unit. If you need more than 20 nozzles to cover the area there are larger 55 gallon (75 or 100 max nozzle) systems. Other variables include the timers (analog or digital) and a remote-control, which is convenient, especially if you have your unit somewhere out of reach.

Protect your boat and dock from spiders, their webs and especially their droppings by installing an automatic misting system from Mosquito Control Equipment! Professional installation or Do it your self packages available. 






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