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Mosquito Control Equipment offers you a broad selection of Controllers and options. They all do the same basic function of automatically delivering the natural insecticide to the nozzles at predetermined times. The (MCE-MM1 & AMS-S1) are economy versions which use an Electromechanical program clock and feature an adjustable misting time and Auto shutoff when empty. The deluxe versions (AMS-A & AMS-D) offer several additional features, such as remote control initiation. With this feature you can initiate a misting cycle from the comfort of your home "on command", in addition to or instead of a regularly scheduled misting. Other features include a Premium grade Clear hinged cover enclosure, Manual /Off / Auto Switch, Built-in Circuit breaker, Tank Empty Indication and Pre-wired connections to Wind and or Rain sensors. The deluxe versions also have the Option for an Agitator which keeps the natural insecticide thoroughly mixed. Listed below are the available controllers. The handling fee is a fedex oversize charge.


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Mobile Mister


Mosquito Control, Mosquito Misting**NEW!** The Mobile Mosquito Mister. The perfect size for your next camping trip or outdoor function.

List Price: $499.00
Our Price : $429.00 ea You Save: $70.00 (14%)

Patio Mister Plus


New! The perfect sized Mosquito Misting System for a Patio Home or small backyard. Made for systems up to 10 Nozzles. 

Our Price : $689.00 ea

Automatic Misting System Series 1


Low Cost System including battery backed up program clock, 1-100 second adjustable misting timer, 1/2HP motor, 100 gallon/ hr, 250 psi pump, manual 'mist now' button 55 gallon reservoir and much more...

Our Price : $739.00 ea Handling Fee: $10.50

Automatic Misting System - Analog


Mosquito Control, Mosquito MistingThis Deluxe System's control box features a battery backed up Analog program clock, remote control, tank empty indication and shut off, adjustable misting time, 1/2 Hp motor, and more...

Our Price : $849.00 ea Handling Fee: $10.50

Automatic Misting System - Digital


This full featured System's control box has a Digital program clock,  a remote control, tank empty indication and shut off, adjustable misting time, 1/2 Hp motor, choice of 100 or 140 gallon/hr 250 psi pump and more...  

Our Price : $849.00 ea Handling Fee: $10.50

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