Automatic Misting System Series 1 (AMS-S1M.)

Automatic Misting System Series 1

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Warranty :
   1 Year Warranty ($0.00)
   2 Year Warranty ($77.40)

Check Valve :
   Check Valve ($8.00)

140 gph pump :
   140 gph pump upgrade ($22.95)

Cover :
   Protective Vinyl Cover ($21.95)

Without Barrell :
   subtract 55 gallon tank (and UPS handling fee) ($-85.00)

List Price : $814.00
Our Price : $774.00  ea
You Save : $40.00 (5%)

+ Handling Fee : $10.50

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Low Cost System including battery backed up program clock, 1-100 second adjustable misting timer, 1/2HP motor, 100 gallon/ hr, 250 psi pump, manual 'mist now' button, 55 gallon reservoir and much more...

This low cost system addresses the needs of the application requiring reliable functionality without the bells and whistles.

It uses the identical 55 gallon drum, 1/2 Hp Motor, 100 gallon / hr brass pump with integral filter, nickel plated brass fittings, 300psi gauge, needle valve and check valve that are used on the more expensive Series A and Series D systems.

The main difference is the Control Box. This system offers a 24 hour battery backed up program clock, a 1-100 second adjustable misting timer and a tank empty shut off. The Clock has an ON / Auto / OFF mode selector switch, The On mode turns on the pump for one cycle (1-100sec), The Auto mode turns on at the programmed times, and the OFF mode keeps the pump off, yet the clock still keeps time.

All the control wiring is protected under the white Lexan inner panel. It is all contained in an Outdoor enclosure with padlockable hasp.

The Motor, Pump and Control Box are completely assembled, wired and mounted to an Aluminum plate. The mounting plate extends to the edges of the drum transferring its weight to its sides prolonging the lid's life.


This assembly is boxed and packed inside the Drum for protection during shipping. Upon receipt the assembly is unboxed and placed on the pre-drilled drum lid. It is attached with 4 bolts (supplied). The float ball is attached, the supply and return lines are inserted into the click lock connectors and it's ready to go.

The 'Mist Now' is a manual push button you can utilize to initiate an additional spray cycle without interrupting your scheduled times set on the clock


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