Barn Package 1 (AMS-BP1)

Barn Package 1

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The Barn Package 1 includes everything you need to make an average size Barn, Fly and Mosquito free. It includes
  • The AMS-S1 Automatic Misting system, with check valve
  • 10) 4023 Hago full size nozzles
  • 10) MB211 Straight Nozzle body with integrated T fittings and Metal collars
  • 10) O-rings
  • 150 ft of Black tubing
  • 20) CC-7/16 BK Cable clamps to mount the Nozzles
  • 20) CC- 1/4 BK Black Cable clamps to secure the tubing
  • 1) Release tool
  • 1) Tubing cutter 
  • 1) Plug for the last nozzle fitting
The AMS-S1 is a Low Cost System including the following:
  • 24Hr Battery backed up program clock
  • 1-100 second adjustable misting timer
  • Mist now Pushbutton
  • Float switch with automatic shutoff when empty  
  • 1/2HP motor
  • 100 gallon/ hr, 250 psi pump can handle up to 60 nozzles
  • 0-300 psi pressure gauge
  • Needle valve to adjust pressure
  • Check valve to ensure all nozzles spray simultaneously
  • 55 gallon UV protected poly drum  
The Motor, Pump and Control Box are completely assembled, wired and mounted to an Aluminum plate. Simply mount the plate to the drum's lid with the included hardware and its ready to go. The nozzles are mounted with the 7/16" Cable clamps ,one on either side of the T fittings, in the middle of each stall. Nozzles can also be mounted in the barn's aisle, doorways and wash area. Set the 24hr program clock to spray when you want ( up to 48 times per day) for a duration of 1-100 seconds. Typical setting would be 5 -8 times per day for 30-45 seconds.  

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