Steinen Slim Pro Misting Nozzle (SSP16)

Steinen Slim Pro Misting Nozzle

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Steinen's SlimPRO - the Ultimate mosquito nozzle:

  • Incorporates the time tested, high performance WC nozzle spray tip - without the bulky 'wrench hex' exterior
  • Internal nozzle tip components (valve, check valve, spring) interchangeable with standard Steinen WC nozzles
  • Appearance similar to slimline nozzles but with the high performance of the 4023 style nozzle - fits all existing slimline hardware
  • Incorporates the longest filter every used in a mosquito nozzle to minimize clogging and nozzle maintenance
  • High performance spray and check valve outlasts & outperforms slimline nozzles
  • Nozzle installation and filter replacement without any tools - everything is "finger tight"

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