Mini Mister Plus 20 (AMS-MM+20)

Mini Mister Plus 20

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The new  Mini Mister Plus 20  is perfect for smaller yards, boat docks, and barns.

The Controller has all the same benefits as our full size, full featured unit but in a smaller package and smaller price!
It can handle up to 20 nozzles and has a 20 gallon tank.  The Controller has a battery backed up 24hr Program clock, to easily set the times of day you want to spray. The Misting time is adjustable from 5-180 seconds, and there's a remote control to initiate a spray cycle from the comfort of your easy chair. The  Auto / Off / Test switch controls the mode and aids in setup and maintenance.  A float switch monitors the misting solution level and shuts off the system when the tank is empty and illuminates a Tank Empty Indicator.
The Integrated pump was designed for small systems yet produces 200 psi, necessary to atomize the misting solution for maximum effectiveness. It was tested for an equivalent of over 6 years ( We ran this unit 100 times a day, five days a week for 14 weeks. That's equal to 3 times a day, 365 days a year for 6.4 years without a failure, and its still running.)
In a 20 nozzle system, if the recommended program of 30 seconds per spray, 3 times a day, is used, its 20 gal tank would last about 50 days.  And a Gallon of Sector or comparable concentrate would last the entire season (about 275 days). 


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