Riptide 1/2 gallon (RIP-BL)

Riptide 1/2 gallon

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Riptide, Mosquito,

One half gallon bottle of concentrate makes 55 gallons of misting solution.

Riptide Waterbased Pyrethrin ULV

Riptide Waterbased Pyrethrin ULV is an optimized formulation, specially designed to deliver fast knockdown and kill of mosquitoes, when used in residential misting systems. Riptide effectively controls mosquitoes and other flying insects, and is easy on ornamental and landscape plants.

  • Riptide is ideal for Mosquito Misting Systems
  • Riptide has an optimized ratio of pyrethrum and synergist (1:5)
  • Riptide's polymeric water-based technology is easy on landscape plants
  • Riptide is designed for stability in misting systems
  • Riptide is economical and convenient

Product Specifications

Signal Word Caution
EPA Registration Number 1021-1785
Food Handling For use in food and non-food areas
Stability of Undiluted Product Stable
Stability of Diluted Product Stable in solution
Appearance Milky, white liquid
Odor Slightly sweet odor
Active Ingredients Pyrethrins and PBO
Flammability Not classified as a combustible or flammable liquid by OSHA
Mode of Action Sodium channel inhibitor
Class of Chemistry Pyrethrins and insecticide synergist
Respirator Required Not required
Mix or Dilute in Water only
Activity Flushes insects from hiding; contact kill
Shelf Life 3 years or more if stored at room tempature


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