Automatic Misting System: Analog (AMS-A)


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The Deluxe AMS-A Series includes a 1/2HP motor, 100 gallon/ hr, 250 psi pump and a 55 gallon reservoir. The control box features an Analog 24 hour quartz driven time clock with a 7 day battery backup. The appeal of this type of time clock is its simplicity. At a glance you see the entire daily program; misting times are set with captive trippers that may be set at any quarter hour of the day. The program operates the same everyday of the week.

It also includes the following features:

  • A compact nonmetallic enclosure with clear hinged cover and stainless steel pad lockable latch. All the control elements are visible for inspection without opening the cover. The cover is easily closed and sealed and can be pad locked for a higher level of safety. It is UL listed for outdoor use.
  • A 10 Amp circuit breaker protects personnel and equipment from short circuits and overloads.
  • An external float switch that detects when the tank is empty, and illuminates the Tank Empty light. This lets you know when it is time for a refill and protects the pump from running dry.
  • A 3 position switch allows three different modes of operation. In TEST, the pump runs continuously allowing the lines to be checked for leaks and nozzles for coverage. In AUTO, Misting can be initiated by the Program Timer or the remote control. In OFF, Misting cannot be initiated but the Program timer is powered.
  • Intuitive Misting Time adjustment for spray times ranging between 5 and 180 seconds.
  • A remote control for additional misting outside the normal programmed schedule.
  • A 1/2Hp motor and 250 psi pump that can handle systems up to 70 nozzles.

All motor fittings are nickel plated brass for corrosion resistance. Output pressure is monitored with the top mounted liquid filled gauge, and regulated with the needle valve. The aluminum edge to edge mounting plate secures the motor pump and control box while transferring their weight to the edges of the drum preventing the drum lid from prematurely cracking.

The optional check valve prevents back flow to the tank when the misting cycle is complete.

The optional agitator keeps misting solution moving to prevent sediment and algae growth. Agitators cannot be used with soap based concentrates as it will cause excessive foaming.

An Optional 140 gph pump is recommended for applications with greater than 70 nozzles.

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