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The most effective method of controlling Mosquitoes!

A Mosquito Misting System automatically sprays a biodegradable insecticide for a short duration. Spray times can be adjusted to when mosquitoes are most active, killing them on contact and reducing their population with each application.

Automatic Misting Systems are more effective than foggers, which are temporary and rely on residual toxic poisons. They are also many times more effective than Mosquito Magnets, which generate CO2, and attract mosquitoes into your yard. Candles, Torches, Bug Zappers: we’ve tried them all and there’s nothing that works better than a Mosquito Misting System.

Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or need to replace/enhance a preexisting installation, you’ve come to the right place. We have all the equipment you need to create the most effective mosquito, fly and spider control system on the market today. Click here to see How They Work


Quality: For more than 20 years we have been manufacturing mosquito mist systems for some of the largest installers in the industry. With literally thousands of units in the field, our experience has shown us what works and what doesn’t. All of our system components have been chosen because they are field proven to be the most reliable season after season. Whether it is home mosquito control, fly control for barns or boat dock spider control; We have an insect control system that will fit your needs.

Selection: We offer the widest variety of system components in the industry. We have several different controller styles, pump sizes, full size Danfoss Hago and Steinen nozzle tips as well as miniature nozzle types and fitting grades to chose from. Every yard is different. We have all the most popular equipment so you can customize a system to your needs. We also have a full complement of accessories and replacement parts to maintain your system for years to come.

Value: Bringing you the best quality products at the lowest prices

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