Timerco Digital Clock Programing

Setting the Clock:

  • Press and HOLD the CLOCK button then Press the DAY button until the correct day is displayed.
  • Press and HOLD the Clock button then Press the HOUR and MIN button(s) until the correct time is displayed.

Setting the Timer:

NOTE: Program Times do NOT affect Spray Duration (See Below) 

An On and Off time must be programmed for each Mist Cycle. 

  • Press the TIMER button once to enter programming.
  • Press the DAY button once. Option 1 defaults to Mon-Sun, 7 Days a week. (repeat pressing of Day button toggles through 15 clock program options if desired)
  • Use HOUR and MIN buttons to set Mist Cycle ON time. (Ex 7:00am)
  • Press the TIMER button again to toggle to OFF setting
  • Press the DAY button to match the same Day setting used for the ON time
  • Press the HOUR and MIN buttons to set corresponding OFF time one minute later than programmed ON time. (Ex 7:01am)
  • Repeat steps until all desired Mist cycles have been programed
  • Press the CLOCK button to exit Programing

Misting Time: can be set between 5 -180 sec by adjusting the knob to the right of the clock

Quick Guide

PRESS: Timer; Day; Hour (Ex 7:00am)

PRESS: Timer; Day; Hour; Minute (Ex 7:01am)

Digital clocks must be in “Auto” with the LED showing an “Off” status to initiate spray cycles. The status indicator appears as a bar over a corresponding state printed on the clock face. If the LED is lit the clock is On and all spray cycles will be suspended until the LED is showing Off. Check programing to ensure all Mist Cycle ON times have a corresponding OFF time if LED shows “On” for longer than one minute.